My development environment
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This is my personal development container implemented using IaC concepts.

It includes:

  • Debian
  • vscode (web)
  • Go

Future: Adding Python

The following could be used to add Python. Upstream Python only provides source based downloads and requires building from source. Requires GCC and some other build-time dependancies. I might use Drone CICD for building Python and then just copy the artifacts into my dev environment.

# Install Python
RUN curl -L -O && \
    tar xvf Python-3.9.0.tar.xz && \
    rm -f Python-3.9.0.tar.xz && \
    cd Python-3.9.0 && \
    ./configure --enable-optimizations && \
    make -j 14 && \
    sudo make altinstall && \
    cd .. && \
    rm -rf Python-3.9.0