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Updated 2024-05-10 02:17:09 +00:00
Track your securities in YNAB for account types and update your balance automatically.
Updated 2024-03-31 01:43:02 +00:00
A magnet link handler for rutorrent
Updated 2024-01-07 06:48:12 +00:00
Updated 2024-01-07 06:45:59 +00:00
A simple view/visitor counter for a website in order to provide extremely fast and basic analytics.
Updated 2024-01-01 18:15:54 +00:00
Updated 2023-11-12 19:13:38 +00:00
OTA Server for LineageOS
Updated 2023-09-11 17:38:33 +00:00
A "something you have" authentication factor that has some limited, but great practical applications. You can monitor any Bluetooth MAC address and perform specific actions based on set receive signal strength indicator thresholds. Supports hysteresis to prevent flapping. My own practical application was monitoring my phone's MAC address and signal strength. Using that, automatically unlocking my toolbox when I'm nearby, and automatically locking it when I'm more than 15'ish feet away.
Updated 2023-07-01 16:30:46 +00:00
Serves files to the public, static content host, etc.
Updated 2023-06-10 18:24:00 +00:00
A connection pool that leaks on purpose and creates realtime 3D scene to inspect the state of the pool
Updated 2023-02-28 06:33:58 +00:00
Updated 2021-05-20 22:57:59 +00:00
A quick test to show that Benford's Law does not work for data that is random numbers. It does however work very well for data which is generated following a power law.
Updated 2020-11-15 03:33:22 +00:00
Security solution for my storage locker. Deployed to a raspberry pi with an attached camera
Updated 2020-10-30 00:48:27 +00:00
Hacky workaround for poor USB driver support for the Bose Companion 5 sound system
Updated 2020-10-07 21:14:40 +00:00
A scalable containerized 3D rendering system
Updated 2020-05-31 00:40:33 +00:00
HTTP redirect builder for FortiWeb WAFs. Configure your WAF from a spreadsheet.
Updated 2020-05-30 20:10:43 +00:00
A basic COVID-19 dashboard for Edmonton
Updated 2020-04-28 18:17:55 +00:00
easyDNS API bindings for Go
Updated 2019-06-23 07:17:55 +00:00
Updated 2019-04-06 20:42:18 +00:00
Updated 2019-01-05 16:17:49 +00:00